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I am delighted to share with you a new tool for Christian schools called Faith Journey. Faith Journey has been created and developed by Kent Ezell, Director of Admissions/Advancement Officer at The Potter's House in Grandville, MI. Kent's passion is to help students grow in faith and to help Christian schools meet their missions. Below is his description of this new tool for Christian schools:

"Christian schools exist to help grow the faith of children through faith and learning intersections. Yet, many parents don't see and experience these faith building moments, and as a result, begin to question the value of Christian education. By capturing and sharing the faith and learning intersections that take place both in and out of the classroom, schools are able to show parents how the school's mission is being fulfilled.

While schools share some of the stories with the whole community through social media, newsletters, and webpages at the 10, 000 foot level, Faith Journey provides evidence of students' individual faith experiences.

Faith Journey is an easy-to-use application that allows teachers to capture these moments, whether it be in a lesson plan, a service project, or a classroom activity. Teachers can take a picture or video, upload the images of these faith-building moments, add reflections, and share them with parents and students to the student's individual album. Parents and students can also add their own reflections, which often helps to spark conversation.

The application is secure and is designed to take minimum effort with maximum impact. We all know teachers have a lot on their plates. The app allows for teachers to upload an entire class at one time (approximately 3-4 minutes) or the flexibility to post to an individual student's album (approximately 8-10 minutes.)"

To learn more about Faith Journey and how it will benefit your school, watch the video below and visit