Who We Are

Christians Advancing Transformational Education (aka the CATE Centre) is an unregistered society with regional chapters in various countries. It accepts as an orienting premise that the goal of the created order is to bring glory to God. We believe that educational theory and practice which builds on this will reveal the lordship of Jesus Christ in all of creation, including in our personal lives. It will also result in teaching and learning that aligns with God’s cosmic plan for His creation as set out in the Bible. To the degree that this occurs, the education which the CATE Centre supports will facilitate a transformation which is not only fulfilling and productive, healing and liberating, but also eternally meaningful and God-blessed.

Members of the CATE Centre therefore celebrate all transformative moments in the learning process which bring the learner closer to God’s intended design. Whole person transformation is ultimately and essentially through the empowering work of God’s Spirit active in the heart, mind, and will of the individual. Naturally and supernaturally, those experiencing transformation become agents of transformation in the families, communities, churches and societies where they live and work.

Many educational theories recognize the critical role transformation plays in an effective learning process including those which are in many respects at odds with the philosophic framework of the CATE Centre. Scholars, practitioners, and the general public who participate in the CATE Centre seek to learn from these theories and to welcome and embrace truth wherever it is found and however it is expressed. In doing so, the CATE Centre focuses on what it endorses rather than on what it doesn’t.

George Durance, PhD <br />CATE Centre FacilitatorGeorge Durance, PhD, CATE Centre Facilitator
George Durance, PhD
CATE Centre Facilitator