Not all Christians seeking to advance transformational education have the same priorities or methods. Please have a Berean attitude (Acts 17:11) when considering the content of this site and compare everything to the Scriptures. News, events and articles may highlight ideas that need to be confronted as well as adapted.

The news expressed in linked articles are included as potentially of interest to those involved in transformational education even though they do not necessarily reflect the values and views of the Centre.

Faith Journey LogoBy Faith Journey

I am delighted to share with you a new tool for Christian schools called Faith Journey. Faith Journey has been created and developed by Kent Ezell, Director of Admissions/Advancement Officer at The Potter's House in Grandville, MI. Kent's passion is to help students grow in faith and to help Christian schools meet their missions. Below is his description of this new tool for Christian schools:

una logoBy The University of Newcastle Australia

Current or aspiring women school leaders, with 5 or more years of employment in any K-12 Christian school division worldwide, are invited to participate in this doctoral research study.

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PFS websiteThe Practicing Faith Survey was developed in partnership with Cardus and the Kuyers Institute for Faith and Learning at Calvin University. It is now available for purchase on their website for use this fall by schools. It is designed to help students be self reflective about how they are practicing faith in their lives. The site includes lesson plans for teachers, a school summary benchmarking area for administrators, and resources for parents.

By Harold KlassenClassroom

Courtney Runn in the June 11, 2021, issue of Christianity Today highlights the disruptions that COVID has caused to schools, teachers, and students in the past year. Schools are struggling to adapt and provide the services that parents depend on. As internationals, some teachers have been unable to return to visit family and friends in their passport country while others are not able to return to their adopted homes and schools. Constantly changing requirements regarding travel adds additional stress to the challenges of adapting to cross-cultural and online learning especially in places with undependable internet and limited resources. The uncertainty affects the whole family as children are unable to say goodbye to classmates and experience the milestones that bring closure when experiencing major transitions.

Let's not see the needs as a reason for despair but a call to prayer.

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Noah Webster Education FoundationBy Harold Klassen

On May 10, 2021, the Noah Webster Educational Foundation was launched to improve US education by facilitating national conversations about the current state and future of education. They are guided by considering five key areas:

  1. Instruction
  2. Parents
  3. Government
  4. Faith and morality
  5. Facilities

A video of the launch with the president of NWEF, Melvin Adams, and Congressman Bob Good is available on Facebook.

COVID 19 shutdownsSubmitted by George Durance

COVID-19 continues to accelerate change everywhere, including in the world of seminary education. Kate Shellnutt, senior editor of Christianity Today, April 23, 2020, looks for trends across the market by focusing on changes impacting even the largest seminaries in the United States.

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Christians in FranceSubmitted by Julian Richter

Kami Rice's article in Christianity Today, April 15, 2021, is a call to prayer for the church in France, and for the politicians who are currently seeking to address Islamic terrorism in ways that ultimately threatened the life and ministry of the church in the country (and all religious expression regardless of any connection to terrorism). The implication for Christian schools, homeschooling and foreign financial support for the church and its initiatives are all being debated and decisions are pending.

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Art Contest ImageBy Breakpoint

Who’s your favorite poet? Do you even have a favorite poet? Even before COVID, when did you last attend a concert or visit an art museum? When did you last draw a picture, or photograph something beautiful, or write a song, or cook a fancy dinner, or just make something?

The 2021 Engage Art Contest