George Durance wrote, "The CATE Centre is committed to supporting the provision of transformational education around the world. To do this, it is important to know what is meant by the concept, where it is practiced, and by whom. This article provides insight into all three as it assesses the findings of a body of literature which relates in meaningful ways to the practice of biblically-based transformational education. The author, Mrs. Sodji, delimits her literature review by establishing a series of parameters based on a conviction that the overarching outcome of transformational education is a student’s progressive embracing of created potential. The result is a panoramic view of a particular niche in Christian education which is growing rapidly in many locations around the world. She bundles together emergent themes to create a fascinating roster of concepts which are relevant to local educational projects, even if they require contextualization and explanation. She makes a convincing case for an adoption of the emergent findings for the effective pursuit of an education that nurtures transformation in the students and in the community where they live and serve."

George Durance wrote that this article by Mrs. Sodji "is filled with practical advice for educational leaders seeking to provide a program of education for students which meets international standards and is Biblically based. It represents the fruit of a research project which envisioned the startup of a school in Africa, but the extensive, wide-ranging findings are relevant to virtually every setting seeking to provide excellent, effective, culturally sensitive, life-giving education. There is an extensive literature on the philosophic framework required for a Biblically grounded approach to transformational education, but there is little published research on the way in which practitioners can implement the principles. This article represents a rich source of useful guidelines and practices which bridge the gap between generally understood principles and desired outcomes."