George DuranceGeorge Durance is CATE’s Facilitator. He also serves as President of Gateway Global Foundation, which seeks to support CATE and other worthy educational projects around the world ( After teaching in a public high school, he served 12 years at Black Forest Academy, Germany (Social Studies, Principal, Director), 12 years at Ambrose University, Calgary and 12 years at TeachBeyond. He remains President Emeritus of both Ambrose and TeachBeyond. His academic training is in Biblical studies, history, and education – disciplines which continue to shape his thinking and activities. He earned his PhD at Durham University.

George has traveled extensively to help build supporting organizational structures for transformational Christian education. Both his administrative and academic work grow out of a conviction that God is using education in a distinct way to build His church. He is particularly interested in working with those exploring the dynamic role of visionary-missional-transformative-Christocentric education in post Christian, secular cultures.